Baptism marks the beginning of a life-long journey with God. Baptism, sometimes called a Christening, is an outward step we make in response to God’s love for us - love which Christians believe is shown in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism is a joyful moment for all involved - it's the start of an amazing journey of faith and a special day for your family and friends. 

The University Church has a lively and growing congregation. Baptisms are usually organised at 12.15pm on Sundays following the 10.30am Sung Eucharist. We are delighted to baptise those who live in the parish, those who have become regular worshipping members of our congregation, as well as any member of the University.


The Confirmation Service takes place annually at the University Church during the fifty days of Easter. An adult preparation group will start meeting in Hilary Term. Adults who have not previously been baptised will be prepared for baptism and confirmation.

Admission to Holy Communion

Children of 7 and older who have been baptised and are regular worshippers at the University Church are invited to be admitted to receive Holy Communion. Admission to Holy Communion takes place each year on Trinity Sunday. Preparation takes place in Children's Church in the weeks leading up to this Sunday. 

For further information about Baptism, Confirmation and Admission to Holy Communion, please contact the Vicar: