Bible Study

Thursdays in term time (17 January - 7 March)
Location: The Old Library
12.45pm - 1.30pm (following the 12.15 Holy Communion). 

This term Dr William Lamb will be exploring St John the Divine's Book of Revelation. This book has been described as the Bible's 'prime visionary text' and a charter for "the Principle of Hope". It can offer a radical and subversive perspective on situations of oppression and evil. It can inspire a renewed hope in God's gracious purposes for the whole of creation. But its legacy is ambiguous. This same book has also been interpreted in ways that appear to collude with violence, terror and oppression. How do we learn to read this book with sensitivity and imagination?

Hot drinks are provided, and you are welcome to bring a packed lunch. 

17 Jan    Apocalypses and Apocalyptic: An Introduction

24 Jan    The Letters to the Seven Churches (Revelation 1-3)

31 Jan    The Open Door (Revelation 4-5)

7 Feb      The Seven Seals (Revelation 6-10)

14 Feb    Silence in Heaven (Revelation 8)

21 Feb    The Seven Visions (Revelation 11-15)

28 Feb    The Fall of Babylon (Revelation 16-19)

7 Mar      The New Jerusalem (Revelation 20-22)