Bible Study

1 Peter


Fridays during Trinity Term
Location: Old Library / Hybrid with Zoom link
12.45pm - 1.30pm

This term, we will be studying the First Epistle of Peter with the help of The First Letter of Peter: A Global Commentary, edited by Professor Jenn Strawbridge. This commentary offers a close reading of the text from beginning to end, drawing on a multiplicity of voices and engaging in a number of foundational themes for the Christian community according to the apostolic author: hope, holiness, suffering, joy, witness, hospitality, exile, resurrection, leadership. The epistle invites us to tackle a range of controversial issues, including slavery, exile and refugees, patriarchy, hierarchy, oppression, gender justice, and the risk of hospitality. You are welcome to join us. Tea and coffee are provided.

Each week, in preparation for the session, you are invited to read a section of 1 Peter, and to watch a short video created to accompany the commentary. These videos can all be accessed here. We will also be spending a week looking at 1 Peter in the Visual Commentary on Scripture.

Friday 26 April: Overview and Introduction

Preparation: watch the video by Revd Dr Jenn Strawbridge

Friday 3 May: Chapter 1

Preparation: read Chapter 1 and watch the video by Rt Revd Samy Fawzy

Friday 10 May: Chapter 2

Preparation: read Chapter 2 and watch the video by Prof Christopher Hays

Friday 17 May: 1 Peter in the Visual Commentary on Scripture

Preparation: have a look at some of the galleries on 1 Peter in the VCS.

Friday 24 May: Chapter 3

Preparation: read Chapter 3 and watch the video by Revd Prof Katherine Sonderegger

Friday 31 May: Chapter 4

Preparation: read Chapter 4 and watch the video by Revd Dr Robyn Whitaker

Friday 7 June: Dealing with Difficult Themes

Preparation: watch the two videos on Dealing with Difficult Themes

Friday 14 June: Chapter 5

Preparation: read Chapter 5 and watch the video by Prof Musa Dube