Choral Music List

The choir’s repertoire is both wide and varied performing music from the fourteenth century to the present day, and it is adventurous in its programming, balancing new and unfamiliar works with the traditional cathedral repertory.

Music for Upcoming Services
Hilary Term 2019
12 January Baptism of Christ

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Walton, Missa Brevis
AnthemMerulo, Tribus miraculis ornatum


19 January Epiphany 2

9.30 Latin Litany

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Aston
Anthem – Tallis, Verily I say unto you


26 January Third Sunday after Epiphany

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Ives, Missa Brevis
Anthem – Byrd, Ave Verum Corpus

15.30 Choral Evensong


2 February Candlemas

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Guerrero Missa Simile est Regnum
Anthem – Eccard, When to the Temple Mary 
Wood - Nunc dimittis in E flat


9 February Third Sunday Before Lent

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Leighton, Missa Brevis
Anthem – A. Gabrieli, O sacrum convivium


16 February Second Sunday Before Lent

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Mouton, Missa Alleluia
Anthem – Palestrina, Ego sum panis vivus

15.30 Choral Evensong


28 February Last Sunday Before Lent

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Lloyd, Chichester Mass
Anthem – Mozart, Ave verum

1 March  First Sunday of Lent

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Ockeghem, Missa Cuiusvis toni
Anthem – Dowland, A heart that’s broken


8 March  Second Sunday of Lent

10.30 Choral Eucharist

Mass – Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla, Missa Ego flos campi                     
Anthem – Batten, Haste thee, O God

15.30 Choral Evensong


9 April  Maundy Thursday

20.00 Choral Eucharist of the Last Supper

Mass – Praetorius
Francis Pott -Ubi caritas


10 April  Good Friday

12.00 The Good Friday Devotion
14.00 The Good Friday Liturgy

Handel - Ecce quomodo moritur Justus 


12 April  Easter Sunday

10.30 Choral Eucharist with Easter Ceremonies