Group Visits

Guidance for Tour Groups visiting the University Church

We're delighted to welcome tour groups to the University Church. All tour groups must be accompanied by an approved Tour Guide and show their pass to the staff on entering the church.

Tour Guides have agreed to the following protocols:

  • To limit the number within the group to 20.
  • To ensure that the group enters by the High Street door and departs through the Radcliffe Square exit.
  • To keep noise to a minimum in order to avoid disturbing those who have come to the church to pray. The chancel is reserved for private prayer.
  • To respect service times during the day. Every week day (Monday - Friday), the Eucharist is celebrated in the chancel from 12.15pm - 12.45pm. There is also a service on Sunday afternoons at 3.30pm.
  • To follow the instructions given by our staff, particularly in relate to fire safety and evacuation.
  • To respect the opening times for visiting.
  • To read and respect our safeguarding policy.

Please note that Tour Guides need to be approved by the Vicar of the University Church to ensure that they have received appropriate training, that they carry the requisite insurance, and that they are aware of our safeguarding policy. Tour Guides who are not approved will be respectfully asked to leave the building. They may rejoin their tour group in Radcliffe Square, once the group has left the building.