The Book Club

Brodie's Report cover

Every Tuesday of Term (Tuesday 9 Oct - Tuesday 27 Nov)
6pm - 7pm
The Mitre

The University Church Book Club meets on Tuesday evenings in term time, and is an informal gathering at which we discuss great literature and get to know each other. This term we will be reading Brodie’s Report, a selection of short stories by the Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. One of the most famous Latin American authors, Borges wrote in a number of genres but he is best known for his short stories.

Each week, we invite a speaker to introduce the story and help us think about the issues which it provokes. Where possible, we have sought to find a version online.

9 Oct          The Gospel according to St Mark (pp.84-90)    Will Lamb

16 Oct        Guayaquil (pp. 75-83)                                       AKMA Adam

23 Oct        The Interloper (pp. 23-28)                                 Ana-Maria Niculcea

30 Oct        Brodie's Report (pp. 91-98)                              Hugh Pyper

6 Nov         TBC                                                                   Mel Marshall

13 Nov       The Elderly Lady (pp. 57-63)                            Andrew Bennison

20 Nov       The Duel (pp. 64-69)                                        Esther Brazil

27 Nov       Unworthy (pp. 29-35)                                        Philip O'Neill

4 Dec         TBC                                                                  James Crossley