Explore Easter

University Church of St Mary the Virgin

Tuesday 4 April | University Church 2.00pm-3.30pm

No story, however great, has such power to transform us and the world as the story of Easter: of Resurrection, hope and new life. Easter is not a fairy-tale, told to impart a moral message, it is not a thriller designed to keep us entertained, it is a way of life; a challenge laid down for us to allow ourselves to become part of the story of God’s unending, overflowing, redeeming love for us. It is the story of love that is stronger than death; a love just waiting to be explored. As we walk with Jesus through the historical events remembered in Holy Week and Easter, we too become a part of the great story of God’s salvation – once for all throughout all ages. Children, more than most of us adults, are naturally deeply in touch with the need to explore the landscape within a story and most-ready to fully inhabit and play their part in it. This Easter, we invite children of all ages not just to hear the story of Easter but to become a part of it and to join us from 2.00pm on Tuesday 4th April as we creatively explore it together through words, prayer, craft and play. Places are limited, so please book online.