Understanding Social Media: Young People, Identity and Change

A series of talks on the emergence of the ‘millennial’ generation and the shifting ways in which young people perceive themselves, envisage their future, and negotiate the challenges of the world around them.  

Old Library
Dr Finola Kerrigan & Dr Lisa Thomas

Understanding Social Media: Young People, Identity and Change

Social media has become a key way through which people communicate.  In this talk, Dr Finola Kerrigan and Dr Lisa Thomas present an interdisciplinary study examining social media use, and online-offline balance, in the context of a significant life transition: that of young people transitioning to life at university. 

Dr Lisa Thomas is a Senior Researcher within the Psychology and Communication Technology Research Group at Northumbria University. She has worked on three large EPSRC projects exploring public responses to identity management technologies of the future; the curation of identity via social media and is currently working on a project to improve digital devices for the voluntary sector. 

Dr Finola Kerrigan is a Reader in Marketing and Consumption at Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham where she researches marketing and consumption in relation to digital identity, branding and the arts.  She is currently working on issues of mis-profiling and perceived discrimination on social media.