Annual Parochial Church Meeting

The Revd Dr William Lamb

The Annual Parochial Church Meeting will take place on Sunday at 4.00pm via Zoom. The ID and password for the meeting will be circulated through the Epistle. This meeting has been delayed since late April and our usual pattern has been to meet just after the Sunday morning service in the Old Library. The APCM is an opportunity for us to review our life together. We will receive the accounts and a report from the Treasurer. We will receive a report from the Churchwardens about the activities of the Parochial Church Council and a report about the fabric of the church. This will include a report about the progress we have made with safeguarding - particularly the activities around training for volunteers and staff at St Mary’s. We will also be electing churchwardens, as well as electing three members of the Deanery Synod, and four members of the PCC.

A number of people have indicated that they will be standing down this term, and I want to say something by way of thanks for each of them: first, Megan Roper will be standing down as Churchwarden. We owe her a huge debt for everything she has contributed in this role, and it is worth mentioning that she served as Head Steward for many years before taking on this role. She has been a great source of wisdom and support. Jenyth Worsley has also indicated that she wishes to stand down from as a Deanery Synod Rep. Jenyth has served for many years on the PCC. She was a founding member of the Charities Committee, and over the years she has been involved with many projects at St Mary’s, organising publications and poetry evenings. David Barr is also standing down after many years on the PCC. He has served with distinction in a variety of roles as PCC Secretary, Lay Chair, Stewardship Officer, Churchwarden, and Deputy Churchwarden. Ian Hewitt has also indicated that he wishes to stand down as a member of the PCC, and we will miss his clear judgement over matters of governance as well as his ability to master the accounts in a nano-second! Finally, Louise Jarvis has indicated that she will be standing down as the Parish Safeguarding Officer. Louise has done an amazing job in this demanding role, and it is thanks to her that we have ensured that so many people at St Mary’s have received training in order to create a safe, caring community which provides a loving environment where there is a culture of ‘informed vigilance’ with regard to safeguarding.

One of the great blessings of our life at St Mary’s is the way so many people have come forward to contribute their gifts and skills to our community. Indeed, in spite of the challenges of the current pandemic, it will be important in the weeks and months ahead to nurture that sense of community and that sense of belonging. There will be much to do still, but I am so grateful for the wisdom, time and experience that so many of you give. It is one of the things which makes St Mary’s such a vibrant community, and I want to simply say, ’Thank you!’


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