While you're not looking

The Revd James Crockford

As I begin, both practically and mentally, to prepare myself to move to a new city and a new ministry, there is plenty of looking back. One thing I have greatly enjoyed is spending my day off pottering around the wonderful garden at the house. I’m no expert, but there is a simple joy at creating a space where things can come alive and grow. So little effort is required – yet nature gives abundantly. You blink, and what was a small brave little plant has become something wonderful and confident.

Our lives are no different: we so often grow and change while we’re not looking. We sink our roots into good things – friendship, love, work we care about, expanding our minds, giving our time and attention to others – and it happens. This summer, while perhaps we may find time for a slower (or at least different) pace, it may be chance to stop and give thanks for all that has nourished us, made us who we are, and to sink our roots deep into those ‘living waters’ of God’s love, to refresh us in all our longing.

You can read the whole epistle here