The Forgotten Brother of Jesus?

A series of Bible Studies on the Epistle of James

St James

Thursdays 30 April - 18 June
Location: Zoom
12.45pm - 1.30pm

This term our Bible studies will be exploring the Epistle of James. This is one of the shorter books in the New Testament, but it is also a book which has generated controversy over the centuries. Martin Luther described it as 'an epistle of straw'. Others like the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard have rejoiced in the way in which James provides a dissenting voice within the scriptural canon. Many have taken James as their inspiration and guide, struck by its powerful and simple observations about faith and action, about death and poverty, about trial and temptation, and about the power and danger of speech. 

Usually hot drinks are provided for our Bible Studies, but why not make a cuppa and sit down to join us on Zoom? If you would like to receive details about the Zoom Bible Study, please email You will be sent joining instructions on the day.

30 April         An Introduction to James
                      James 1.1-18

7 May            Hearing and Doing the Word
James 1.19-27

14 May          On Mercy
James 2.1-13

21 May          Faith and Works
                      James 2.14-26

28 May          'The tongue is a fire'
James 3

4 June          The Gift of Humility
James 4.1-10

11 June        Wealth and Justice
James 4.11-5.6

18 June        Patience and Prayer
  James 5.7-20