The Genesis Gallery

A series of Bible Studies exploring the Book of Genesis through art


Thursdays 29 April - 17 June
Location: Zoom
12.45pm - 1.30pm

In the course of Trinity Term, we will be exploring the Book of Genesis through the resources provided by the Visual Commentary on Scripture. Genesis is one of the foundational texts not just for Christian tradition but for Western culture. It continues to animate and excite our understanding of what it means to be human. It informs our understanding of creation, but also speaks of the rich tapestry of human living, with all its joys as well as its sorrows, our hopes as well as our fears. Each passage below has a link to different elements of the Visual Commentary on Scripture. Each exhibition consists of three images, the relevant passage from Genesis, and a theological reflection. In our sessions, we shall draw on these resources and explore the way in which a variety of different artists have drawn inspiration from the narrative of the Book of Genesis.

You will be able to join us via Zoom for these Bible Studies. Please email for further information. You will be sent joining instructions on the day.

29 April          Genesis 3.22-24 Expulsion and Exile

6 May             Genesis 4.3-16 Cain and Abel

13 May           Genesis 8.1-19 Out of the Ark

20 May           Genesis 18 The Hospitality of Abraham

27 May           Genesis 19.1-19 Lot's Wife

3 June           Genesis 22.1-5 The Journey to Moriah

10 June         Genesis 28.10-22 Jacob's Ladder

17 June         Genesis 32.22-32 Jacob Wrestling the Angel